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Purchasing a unique corporate gift of a plot of land in rural Ireland is one of the most original and thoughtful gifts available. A great deal of work and research has gone in to the concept of allowing anyone to have their very own unique plot of the old sod. Some owners were born in Ireland and now live abroad, others of Irish birth wished to give it as a present to members of their family born outside Ireland. Many purchasers have sent back reports detailing how important this purchase was for them. For some it has given them another reason to visit the Emerald Isle and while there visit their plot.

A plot of land in Ireland can be used as more than simply a gift to a friend or loved one who has a connection to Ireland. As well as receiving orders from individuals with Irish connections companies have shown a great interest and have used their purchases for a variety of reasons including new product launches where the product has an Irish connection - possibly the product iteslf or travel to Ireland. There is always an increase in enquiries from companies and individuals in the weeks prior to St. Patrick's Day. Some companies targeting the Irish in their communities have found the product a very effective and cost effecient way of getting attention from potential customers.

We are happy to work with any company to maximise the benefits you receive and ask you to contact us to discuss your needs.

Aerial View of location of plots

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my irish plot of land
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